Granada’s Original  Tapas Tours

A Friendly and Sophisticated Way to Sample Granada’s
Delicious Tapa Selection

Independent travelling. Exploring. City breaks. Seeing the “real” parts of Spain. Sampling authentic Spanish tapas, not typical tourist offerings. Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Then Granada Tapas Tours can help. The idea is to show you “real” tapas bars. If a place is packed with locals it’s usually for a good reason!

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Gayle from Granada Tapas Tours

Meet Gayle, Owner of Granada Tapas Tours

Hello, I’m Gayle, born in Scotland but I’ve lived in Granada now for 18 years! I feel very qualified to be the local who will show you all about the tapa culture in this fantastic, hidden gem of a city. I or one of the “tapa team” will take reduced numbers of people out and around the city to enjoy and sample the local cuisine. I love telling stories about Granada and Spain in general and sharing my particular Spanish experiences with you over a nice glass of wine.